Spring Sewing and Saturday Stash Dash


The lovely ladies over at Sew Mama Sew have named April as Spring Sewing Month! That means they are giving a lot of things away and to enter all you have to do is comment on the blog posts.  Of course, their posts are always awesome too.  Yesterday they posted all sorts of CUTE Easty inspired project links. I think it’s totally cool to be able to just independently declare a month to be dedicated to a specific thing. I always thought that you had to get the Mayor to write a decree for that or something. But hey, why not? So, in that light, I’m going to declare that this Saturday, April 4 is the Saturday Stash Dash, a.k.a. Sew-til-you drop-or-the-hubby-comes-home-and-demands-attention day. My hubby is going to be attending a teaching workshop for the morning so he’ll be out of the house. Hopefully I can force myself to wake up early (the new recycling pick up on Saturday mornings will probably help) and get into sewing mode. Last Saturday I went to my mother in law’s house so I could help work on projects for the shop. Unfortunately, I didn’t work on anything except cutting up some denim for a future kit.  This Saturday I am NOT going to leave the house to go to a fabric store. I am NOT going to even worry about household chores, I am just going to GO into my sewing room and NOT come out until I have finished SOMETHING! Can it be done? I think so! Now that I’ve posted it here on my blog, I am sure all you out there in blogland will keep me accountable. So, check in on Monday to see if I’ve posted an update of all the TONS of projects I get completed on Saturday.  Some of those might even end up in the Crafty Girls Workshop.

On another note, we got our NEW trash/recycle bins! YIPPEE! Yes, they have changed our pick up days to include Saturday morning, sort of a bummer, but that is A-OK with me. I won’t have an excuse to sleep late on Saturdays anymore. I’ll be able to get so much more accomplished! Wow! This is the beginning of an entirely new eco-friendly chapter in my life. I’m going to find myself a trash can and use it for a compost bin. Then maybe next year hubby won’t have to go buy tons of dirt, he’ll be able to use our earth friendly compost! My goal is to have more recycling than trash (we are well on our way towards meeting that goal anyway.) Yeah! for San Antonio going green (wait, the recycle bins are blue, how confusing, oh well.) That’s it for now.

Happy Stitches and Happy Recycling to you,



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  1. Betty J replied:

    Please count me in for a Sew-a-thon on Saturday!! Friday’ll be my *last day* at my current job and I’m HYPED up about being *FREE* on my weekends!!!
    I’ve got 2 quilts cut out and ready to sew. The most important is my GrandNeice’s quilt that’s purple squares cut in half, with a tan strip inserted inbetween the halves. The next is a D9P made out of brights and Racing Fabric.

  2. Heather replied:

    What a good idea! I think I might have to join you, I have a lot of projects to work on right now and need to get them done. What are you going to work on? I have a few tablerunners to quilt and binding to sew down on a quilt. Also, several more WIP quilts in various stages 😀 Or, I could always start a new one? LOL!

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