Metamorphosis Monday After a Stash Report

Well, the Slash my Stash Dash day was sort of a bust. I woke up with every intention of going up and working on sewing but after my hubby left for his workshop, I got completely distracted with Spring Fluffing! I decided to change out the bed linens for something lighter and springy-er. The only thing I managed to get made was one pillow, and I didn’t even finish sewing it closed. I wanted to make some spring pillows for my couch because the couch is sooo dark red and I thought it needed something to spruce it up. Well, that led to digging through my stash and then I got distracted with the idea of making a new baby blanket for the shop, and then when I dragged the stuff out for that, I noticed I needed to wash the center fabric. Hmm is this sounding like a book I read when I was little, I don’t know maybe that one called, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? How about a new one, If You Give a Quilter some Fabric…She might just decide that she wants to make some new pillows and if she wants to make some new pillows she might realize she doesn’t have enough fabric to make the pillow so then she’ll have to use some of her other fabric. And then she’ll have to sew it together, and then she’ll sew it COMPLETELY wrong and need the seam ripper. This is where it gets REALLY interesting, turns out that two weekends ago, on the Crafty Girls day, I lent my seam ripper to my mom, and now I can’t find it. So, then I had to go to the fabric store to get another one… And then we start ALL over again! No, not really, I mean there were LOTS of awesome fabrics I wanted to buy at Hancocks this weekend but I resisted (mostly because my husband was waiting in the car and I knew I’d have to explain the new fabric purchase to him.)  But, I did manage to get myself a new seam ripper until I find the other one (it’s always handy to have a backup, my last backup broke!) I did manage to get the pillow sewn mostly together, the right way, just enough to take it to my MIL’s house and show it to her. She said I should hand stitch it closed and when I said I didn’t feel confident in my ability to do that, she offered to do it for me, yippee! And that was all I got finished, sewing-wise. In TWO days! Maybe I’ll do better tonight.   

In other news, I found this neat thing that people are participating in on Mondays called Metamorphosis Monday.  Susan from Between Naps on the Porch is the hostess of this weekly event. After reading the blogs of the MANY people who participate in this, I was truly inspired to do some sort of metamorphosis in my home, which REALLY needed it. And, given that it’s Spring, a metamorphosis sort of makes sense. 

This is not a huge change, but to me it seemed like one. I suppose because it did take some work. One of the biggest changes here you can’t see in the picture, but I can feel it when I sleep. I have a new mattress set on my bed. It’s awesome! I love it! The new mattress is great, but the bedding didn’t look so wonderful.


 So I ran over to Kohl’s (one of my favorite stores for bargains) and I was able to find a new bedskirt and  a coverlet that matched my decor. The coverlet was orginally marked at $129.00 and I got it for only $25! It’s very light weight and perfect for these funky cool nights and warm days we’ve been having lately. Here’s the after picture.



The pillowcases were from my MIL for Christmas. I LOVE that fabric, it’s sort of funky and those colors really POP. I also decluttered the side tables and added a little ceramic container with potpurri. Now I just need to find a better clock.  I also love the way the coverlet goes perfectly with the picture on the wall (I got that at Michael’s awhile back for something like $6! It’s coordinating cousin is in the bathroom off to the right.)

Now our bedroom is mostly complete with decorating and the bathroom is mostly done too.  I have pictures to share of the AFTER of a pretty major change to the bathroom but I want to show BEFORE pictures (which are on a different computer) so I might wait to post that until next week.  Well, I guess that’s it for now. Sorry this post is soo long.

Happy Stitches to You,



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  1. Susan replied:

    It’s beautiful…and as soon as I started reading your today bit I though, “If you give a Mouse a Cookie”…and then you used it! I adore those books…and the Moose/Muffin one? Her little changepurse is adorable!

  2. Joyce replied:

    You really made out well at Kohl’s. It all looks so pretty. I just love a new mattress too..makes me sleep like a little baby!

  3. Stacey replied:

    Looks great! I like the new simplicity of the bed. Don’tcha just love the bargains at Kohl’s?

  4. Mary from Boogieboard cottage replied:

    I need a new mattress, what kind did you buy? I’m so confused by all of the different kinds out there! Anyway, There’s nothing like a new comfy bed and nice new bedding, yours looks very nice. And you got such a great bargain too! :O)

  5. janet replied:

    oh the room looks so pretty, love the bedding!

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