My Most Recent Obsession

I have a new obsession, this book, Material Obsession.  I can’t wait to be done with work so I can rush over to Barnes and  Noble and get the copy they have on hold for me! The link above is actually the photostream from the AUTHOR of the book! She has a second book coming out in May, whoopee! I think what I like so much about this book, just from looking at the pictures of the quilts, is that it’s just what the title says, Modern Quilts with a Traditional Twist, and that is exactly what I have been searching for! You see, I am always drawn to traditional quilt block designs, such as the churn dash or the log cabin or Jacob’s ladder, but I also LOVE hip and funky fabrics such as those designed by Amy Butler or Chez Moi. Now I can blend the two and not feel guilty because I know it’s OK if it’s shown in a book! Also, we all know that the quilt designers from Australia have a reputation for being AWESOME and I think the two ladies who have written Material Obsession live up to that completely.  Gee, what do I know, all I’ve seen is a few pictures from the book, but I’ve heard that the patterns are well written too. I would love to steal some of the pictures from her photostream, but I would sort of feel bad about it. So, please just click the link above to view more of the pictures from the book. Or you can visit Sarah’s blog to see lots of interesting pictures of quilts people made from her book with various fabrics. Check back to that one because she’s getting ready to launch a web store too. Hmm, have I covered everything? I hope so.  OH, updates to the shop are posted on Crafty Girls Workshop blog, and I think I might even be adding to the Merrily We Sew Along blog about tutorials soon. Did you even know I had one of those? I didn’t think so, surprise! Instead of posting on there and having to repeat myself or cross promote the blogs, I think I’m just going to make it a place to store links to fabulous tutorials I find around the blogosphere. It could be fun, let’s hope it’s helpful too. Alright, really going now.

Happy Stitching to You,



April 7, 2009. Crafty Girls Workshop, fabric, quilt designs, random stuff, sewing.

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