Calling all Busy Quilters

Do any of these describe you?

a) You LOVE sewing and/or quilting

b) You work full time outside the home

c) You work full time inside your home

d) You LOVE sewing and/or quilting

e) You are busy with spouse, children, pets, cooking, cleaning, decorating, working, blogging, sleeping, laundry, dishes, etc.

f) all of the above

If you said yes, then you need to join my new Yahoo e-mail group! It is called Busy Quilters and I hope it can be a place where busy quilters can gather and share ideas for squeeeezing some quality time with their sewing machines and fabric into those busy schedules. Maybe we can swap recipes or tips for dealing with housework that -ahem- hubby doesn’t ever seem to have the motivation to do. Perhaps we can share stories about how we use quilting and sewing as an outlet to relieve stress and relax. Maybe it will just serve as a way to justify my love of sewing and quilting and to help me know I am not alone, am I?  Oh, and hopefully we can set it up as a place to store some great FAST patterns and tips for easy household chores (maybe make the kids do them? oh, that only works if you have kids!)  I decided to make this an e-mail group for a couple reasons, one, it’s really fast to just read e-mails, and two I was hoping I could draw in people from a variety of sources. I mean, people search Yahoo groups all the time.  Many groups have restrictions about what you can post, and I understand those, such as NO SPAM or keep the discussions to the topic (usually whatever the list is called) but many of them also discourage people from trying to advertise their little side businesses. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind if people want to post the link to their Etsy store in the signature line of their post, or share that they are having a sale or promotion (perhaps I don’t mind because I plan to do this myself.) As long as it’s semi related to quilting, I am OK with it. By the way, if the group gets gianormous (like the Stashbusters group that has 4000 members!!) Yahoo Groups has the nifty feature of creating daily digest versions of the posts, which means it groups 25 posts together into one e-mail. Helps reduce the clutter in your inbox a little. I doubt our group will get there for awhile. Well, that’s it for now. I haven’t gotten anything done lately worth blogging about besides creating a new group. Until next time,

Happy (Busy) Stitches to You,



May 5, 2009. Quilting, random stuff, sewing.

One Comment

  1. e1preininger replied:

    Hi Anna, thanks for inviting to join your new group. I commit to answer f). Greetings from Vienna, Austria. Elisabeth

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