Cut it Up Thursday

According to the Stashbusters group (a Yahoo! Group of over 4000 quilters who want to use their stash!) today is Cut it Up Thursday. Today is a day when they encourage group members to find some fabric they have been putting off cutting into or to cut out a project of some sort. Usually I haven’t participated in this because it takes me so long to start something or finish something, but today is different. I am going to participate in a Mystery Quilt Class on Saturday from 4pm to Midnight and I have to have all the fabric cut before the class! The fabric requirements were 20 fat quarters plus 2-1/3 yd of fabric for a border. I chose fabric from the Flutterby collection by Tula Pink because I found it on sale at Plain Jane’s last weekend! It must have been fate that brought me there. This fabric is funky and wild and sort of busy. I was a little worried that so many busy fabrics would be too distracting on a Turning Twenty pattern (which is what was revealed about the pattern when I went last saturday to pick up the supply list.) The friendly lady at Plain Jane’s assured me that she has made a Turning Twenty quilt with those fabrics and that they are not too busy. I sure hope so.  To make a long store short, that is what I plan to do this evening, cut the pieces out for that class. It doesn’t seem like it will be too difficult, just a little tedious. Perhaps the new rotary blades I ordered from Hancock of Paducah will arrive today. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking. Well, happy cutting.



May 14, 2009. Cut it Up Thursday, Stashbusters.

One Comment

  1. e1preininger replied:

    Hi Anna, be careful, excesive cutting can end up in tennis elbow, so goes the myth. Never heard of “turning twenty pattern” before, is it the name of a company?

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