Some Progress this Weekend

I am sew excited! I finished another quilt top this weekend and this one was on my Work In Progress list!  It was on my design wall for a long time and only needed the rows put together and the borders put on, for the top to be done. So here is how I spent some of my weekend:
Stitching the Rows

Stitching the Rows

and in between stitching I had to press them, of course.


Pressing Station

Pressing Station

Eventually I was down to just a couple rows left and the borders.

Getting There (Design Wall)

Getting There (Design Wall)

Finally, it’s all done! (Well, the top anyway.)



Boy am I exhausted!

Starbuck, my precious puppy

Starbuck, my precious puppy

So, among other mundane things, like laundry and dishes and absolutely-nothing-worth-watching-on-TV, that’s what I did this weekend!!

Oh, and I JUST found out that I WON a fabric jelly roll since I participated as a blogger in Sarah Fielke’s SEWN Launch Party Giveaway! (Actually on my other blog Crafty Girls Workshop) That was such a great way to start the week! The SEWN network will be launching sometime tomorrow. Yeah! If you’d like to enter my giveaway on the Crafty Girls Workshop blog, stop by and leave a comment on the post about the launch party (you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find it.) There is still time because I’m not going to draw a winner until 6:00pm tonight.  See you there!

Happy Stitches,



June 8, 2009. Crafty Girls Workshop, fabric, Goals, Quilting.


  1. Wagonwife replied:

    Love the new quilt. Just gorgeous.
    Sure looks like Starbuck worked really hard on it.

  2. Jenny replied:

    Anna, your quilt is just beautiful – so much work, and it shows!

  3. Michelle replied:

    The quilt is beautiful. What pattern is it? Congratulations on winning the jelly roll.

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