No Buy: Day 2

Well, I suppose this could get rather redundant, but so far, I think I’ve done pretty well, even if this is only day two. This might be due to the fact that I’ve been staying a little later at work so by the time I get done, I just want to go straight home and once I get there, I basically eat dinner, watch TV and fall asleep. No time for fabric shopping!  But, every morning as part of my routine, I visit several blogs and one is the Moda Bake Shop. Well, they’ve done it again, posted a project that I totally love and of course don’t have any of the fabric for. Bummer. Oh it’s using my FAVORITE fabric, Figgy Pudding too! How can anyone get into the Christmas spirit this early in the year? I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with our weather, which has been into the triple digits for the last two weeks, with no relief in sight. I mean, thinking of the cooler days that will eventually come in December (hopefully, although we have been known to have highs in the 80s around Christmas, but that seems cool compared to 100) makes dreaming of Christmas in June sort of understandable. Oh, back to the topic of Figgy Pudding. Well, the project calls for one charm pack, one layer cake and some yardage for sashing and binding. Of course, I don’t have any of that. But I’ll just save the pattern to my thumb drive with all the other Someday Patterns I have and hopefully when I have the money, the fabric will still be available.  I just need to stop looking at these sites that offer temptation to buy stuff! Sometimes I really wish my birthday was in the Summer instead of October because then I could ask for it for a birthday present. You know how this goes, these fabrics come and go so quickly that if you don’t snatch them up right when they come out, you might never get any of it. By the way, I just couldn’t get motivated to cut up that jelly roll last night. I worked on my embroidery a little while I watched TV, but cutting fabrics is such a tedious job that I didn’t want to do it. Maybe I’ll save it for Cut it Up Thursday, another Stashbuster idea. That’s all for now. Anyone else joining me in the no-buy a.k.a. I Must Resist challenge?

Happy Stitches to You,



June 24, 2009. fabric, Goals, Holidays, No Buy Challenge, Quilting, sewing, Stashbusters.

One Comment

  1. Jenny replied:

    Good on you Anna!! The thing I’m reminding myself is that I already HAVE lots of fabrics, and if I wanted them so badly when I bought them “why” do I STILL have them unused?? 😉 Next season a whole new range will be released and for sure I will love a lot of them and want them. It’s a cycle that never ends.
    I don’t want to buy for the future anymore, if I’m not going to use what I buy in the next 2 months (and REALLY use it!!) then I should not buy it at all.
    You’re doing great!!

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