No Buy: Day 3 Does this count?

Here’s a picture for you all. My hubby and I went on a little weekend trip to Sonoma and Napa, CA back in April. I found out by pure accident before the trip that there was a fabric store in Napa (it was an accident, I promise!) Well, I couldn’t visit a town, knowing they had a fabric store without also visiting the fabric store, hubby was so patient with me and he even took a picture of me in front of the store. Here it is:


Yes, I know it, was very bright that day and I was looking into the sun! Thankfully the temperature was nice only about 80 for a high. They had some very lovely fabrics and I had to buy some, of course. And of course, it had to have grapes, and vines, and cork and wine bottles all over the various fabrics. I hope someday I’ll make a nice table runner or place mats out of those fabrics and whenever I see them I’ll always think of Napa.

Alright, enough stalling, here’s my update for Day 3, I caved, but I’ll let you decide if this really counts! After waiting at the car dealer for an hour for them to do my oil change and rotate the tires, I was dying for a little fabric therapy.  The entire time I was sitting there I was trying to think of things I make for Christmas presents for the various members of my family and my friends. So of course that got me into the fabric buying mood. I decided to stop at Joann’s on my way home to see if they had any blank aprons that I could get and possibly embroider for the guys in my family, it was INCREDIBLY difficult to decide what to make for them, by the way. Eventually, I decided that none of the guys actually needed aprons because none of them cook or grill for that matter, so that idea was nixed. Well, as I walked around Joann’s I picked up some really cute boxes to store quilt blocks and patterns in, so far so good, no fabric. But then I wandered over to the remnants area. DISASTER! They were having a 50% off sale! That meant that most of the pieces (all under 1 yard anyway) were 1/2 off! They had some really cute flannels that I thought would make great receiving blankets for the two couples I know who are having babies in October. So, I gave in and bought a few pieces of the flannel. So, tell me, does it count if I’m buying fabric for a specific project to make for specific people for gifts? Or does it count if I’m not buying fabric from an actual Quilt Fabric store? I guess I should have made those specifications before I started this challenge. The worst part is, I didn’t even realize what I had done (bought fabric and messed up my promise) until I got home and went through the bag! Isn’t that awful!?!? I suppose the only way to make amends is to get those receiving blankets done ASAP so they are no longer in my stash. Also, I really need to cut up that jelly roll of the Portobello Market fabrics for the quilt retreat. If I can do that tonight, I guess I won’t feel so bad about what I bought yesterday. OK, that’s my confession. What do you think? Does it count against me? Do I have to start over? 

Happy Stitches to You,


P.S. It turns out Michelle posted about the same idea on her blog: trying to not buy any more fabric until stuff is finished. Amazing that great minds really do think alike I suppose.

P.P.S. I put another little poll over on the Crafty Girls Workshop blog. I’m trying to get the responses up to 100 by July 25th. If I can get to 100, I’ll do a drawing, so stop by, fill out the poll and tell me you were there!


June 25, 2009. Cut it Up Thursday, fabric, No Buy Challenge, Quilt Shops, Quilting, Stashbusters.

One Comment

  1. Wagonwife replied:

    Good luck. I guess if it is for the a special project. It doesn’t really count. You did better than I would. I love your idea of many the items instead of buying more.
    Great idea.

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