No Buy Update

OK, it’s getting a little easier. My hubby is the only one who says that buying that flannel “counts,” everyone else I asked (and believe me, he’s way outnumbered) says that a) if it’s on sale it doesn’t count b) if it’s for a specific project it doesn’t count c) if it’s not at a “real” quilt shop it doesn’t count.  So I think that means that it doesn’t count! I haven’t made those blankets yet, but I DID get the jelly roll sliced and diced and it’s ready to go for the quilt retreat, yeah!! Oh, and as much as I LOVE the Figgy Pudding fabric and I am sort of afraid it won’t be around when my buying sabatical is over, I dropped a hint to my dear MIL about how nice it would be if “someone” would buy a layer cake and charm pack of that fabric (for the pattern on Moda Bakeshop) and just keep it for me for a birthday present in October. She jumped on that opportunity, and then immediately told me to forget we ever had that conversation, a.k.a. act surprised when I get exactly that for my birthday! Also, the jelly roll that I won from the SEWN Launch promotion arrived on Friday so I was able to receive fabric without even buying it! That’s always fun.  And a new blogger buddy of mine in the UK, Aneela, and I are swapping scraps so that will be fun to get some mystery fabric in the mail sometime soon. I guess there are ways to feed my fabric addiction without actually buying any, hehe. You know, considering that I am paying bills today (YUCK!) and realizing how much of our money goes out right at the beginning of the month for bills (MOST of it) I am even more motivated to abstain from indulging my fabric addiction.  I think the good karma is paying off because I just found out that I WON a Frenchy bag from Heather’s blog giveaway! YIPPEEE!! Me, who never wins ANYTHING! I guess I can’t say that anymore!  Well, I guess that’s the weekend update. Oh, one more thing, I decided, right in the middle of making a charm pack tote bag, that I needed to grab my staple gun, some random demim-ish fabric and the Thinsulate batting (good for oven mitts and ironing board covers) and just go crazy. What was the result? Uhm, a semi useful place to press fabric right on my sewing table! Yes, I STAPLED the fabric to my sewing table (one of those “farm” tables with a pine top and white legs) to make a pressing space. Hmm, maybe I’ll take a picture sometime this afternoon. I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with the idea because it’s such a pain to have to step around my ironing board to get to my cutting table, you know? Now the only problem is that it’s sort of difficult to actually reach over to the pressing space, but at least it’s easier to get to my cutting table. Well, more tomorrow I hope.

Happy Stitches to You,



June 28, 2009. Cut it Up Thursday, fabric, Give Aways, Goals, No Buy Challenge, Quilting, sewing.

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