A Fun Project, hopefully

Amazingly, I have tomorrow off as an observed holiday for July 4th! YIppee!! So this is what I am planning to work on:

couponclutch header2

The tutorial is on Moda Bakeshop and it is so adorable! They used the fabric called Objects of Desire by Sandy Gervais which has shoes and bags and lipstick and all sorts of cute girly things. It’s a great pattern because it uses a charm pack to make it, but I don’t have a charm pack of that fabric, I do, however, have about 10 strips of a honey bun (1 1/2″ strips) in that line. It was part of a mini honey bun box I bought from Hancocks of Paducah awhile back.  So, I am going to try to finagle the pattern, just a wee bit to see if I can get a similar effect from piecing together strips. I figure it will save me a little cutting at least. I also think this pouch will be super cute for more than just coupons, in fact, I think it will make a really cute wallet. And, as it turns out, a close friend of mine has already asked me to make a couple for her as well, if she buys the supplies. That’s soo cool!  So this is my plan for the weekend.

Friday: Sleep as late as my dogs will allow (probably about 8:30 am), drink some coffee, eat breakfast and watch some of silly morning shows on TV, start some laundry, do the dishes and maybe vaccuum.  Then, if there is any time left over, either work on above project or scan some pictures of the new products we’re going to list on Etsy very soon (it’s a surprise though.) Try to go back to the project again. Go to sleep and get some rest for July 4th.

Saturday: Sleep as late as I can. Clean up house some more, get ready for family to visit around 2:00 pm. Maybe work in some sewing. Hopefully all the laundry and dishes will be finished.  Enjoy family visit. Clean up after family visit, do dishes. Stitch while watching TV with hubby, go to sleep. (Yeah! Still one more day of the weekend!)

Sunday: Sleep as late as possible. Do whatever I want, hopefully getting to sew A LOT and hopefully I’ll have finished the coupon clutch (or two or three) and some other fun projects I want to finish. Maybe decide if I want to start a new quilt project. I’m having a lot of fun doing easy and fast stuff right now.  Oh, and hopefully I’ll have gotten all the new items added to Etsy by this time.  Relax and enjoy the rest of my day off before going back to the work grind.

Doesn’t that sound like an AWESOME weekend? I am really, really looking forward to it, because I know that next week is going to be rather hectic. I hope you’re going to have a fun and relaxing weekend too, with a little bit of sewing time squeezed in there.

No Buy Update: I’ve done really well! There are soooo many temptations out there but I’ve managed to just say “No” It also helps that I took my credit card OUT of my wallet and I know there isn’t enough money in the bank account to cover much more than our bills.  This has really caused me to take a super close look at what I have and the projects I really want to finish. If I have extra fabric that is no longer appealing to me, I am planning to destash it very soon (so check back for updates on that.) Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,



July 2, 2009. fabric, Goals, Holidays, No Buy Challenge, Quilting, sewing, UFOs.


  1. jaybird replied:

    i’m glad you like my tutorial!! i can’t wait to see your finished product. Use 27 strips 9 1/2 inches long… let me know if you need help planning where the folds will be!

  2. Wagonwife replied:

    Anna, What a cute coupon holder. Great way to use up scraps (or buy just the right fabric for -teehee)
    Can’t wait to see it finished.
    have a wonderful weekend.

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