A Productive Weekend, but not what I planned

Well, I didn’t sew ANYTHING this weekend! Can you believe that? I can. It turns out that after a little bit of soul searching and stash busting, Regina (my dear mother in law) and I have decided to change course a little bit with Crafty Girls Workshop. In fact, we’re now heading more in the direction we had originally planned to go.  We’ve always wanted to sell patterns and fabric and that’s where we are steering our path. But, at the moment we don’t have the capital to just go out and buy bolts of fabric, but that’s OK too. We’re taking this sort of slow, to test the waters. With that in mind, Regina has looked at her mountainous stash (and believe me, it’s overflowing) and realized that a lot of the fabric she bought is brand spanking new but since we’re no longer making items to sell, perhaps we should sell THE FABRIC!! One little eentsy weentsy problem, the fabric is pre-washed. OH NO! Hmm, don’t you think it’s a better deal to purchase fabric that has been pre-washed/pre-shrunk and then cut to the specific length? I certainly do. I know that it has taken me a long time to realize that the fabric stores were not shorting me when I bought fat quarters, it was the washing machine!! Translation, I would buy a fat quarter, 18″x22″ and get home and throw it in the wash as I always do, then, when I went to cut the fabric for a project I’d find out that my “fat quarter” was really only about 17″x21″ including the selvage!! What’s wrong with that picture?? So since this is a DESTASH sale, we don’t feel bad about the fact that we’re selling fabric that is pre-washed/pre-shrunk, hey, it saves you the time of washing it. If you aren’t typically a pre-washer, you can always use a little spray starch or that Best Press stuff to get it to flatten out a little more. We have pressed all this fabric and it will come to you in the best condition possible, sans sizing.  Personally, I’ve noticed that when I work with fabric that hasn’t been washed, such as a jelly roll or charm pack, I start sneezing like crazy! I think it has to do with the sizing on the fabric. Oh, but I digress. About this special we are having. Granted, I didn’t sew this weekend, that is because on Friday (my observed holiday off from work, yippee!) I went to Regina’s house and we started scanning in images of ALL the fabrics and patterns that we’re planning to sell in this destash. Actually, the 75 items I listed this weekend are only the beginning!!  She says she already has some more stuff for us to list soon. Since the fabric is prewashed, and since it’s not ALL current (although a lot of it is still current) we chose to price it very reasonably. That is an advantage for you since we are dealing with tough economic times right now. We’ve also uncovered some very usable sewing patterns that have never even been used! (These were mostly mine that I purchased before I figured out that a size 10 in sewing patterns is not the same as a size 10 in commercial clothing) To make a long story short (too late?) we have a lot of new items listed in our shop and I think they are more along the lines of what our blog readers are interested in, patterns and fabric! Hey, just because I’m on a no-buy challenge doesn’t mean you have to be! In fact, if you purchase something from us, it will help us be able to buy new to the market patterns and fabric in the future which we can then offer to you! So, please hop over to our shop and take a look, then tell all your friends. Oh, and please stop by the Crafty Girls blog and sign up to be a follower so you can find out about new items listed and giveaway promotions we’re having. In fact, I’m trying to get 100 responses to a poll I have posted on there and if I can get it to 100 by the end of the month, I’m going to give something away! Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Happy Stitches to You,



July 7, 2009. Crafty Girls Workshop, fabric, No Buy Challenge, Quilting, sewing.

One Comment

  1. Wagonwife replied:

    Anna, just wanted to wish you luck with the change in course. Sounds easier. So hard to find time to create.
    Hope it all goes well.

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