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I know I’ve been gone for awhile. But I’ve been finding inspiration all over blogland lately, here are some of my finds that are for projects I’m definately adding to my “Some Day” list:

1) This adorable sewing machine cover tutorial on Sew Mama Sew. I can’t wait to make this out of the new line of fabrics from Chez Moi called Boutique, due out in November!

2) Look at all these pictures of string quilts people are making around Blogland! It’s very inspiring, maybe I’ll make one eventually. 

A Spoonful of Sugar Amy Butler my favorite!

Quiltin’ Like Crazy Sooo pretty.

Crazy Mom Quilts Always inspiring 

Film in the Fridge Even more string fun!

Click here to see a cool slideshow of the search results for String Quilts on Flickr.

I just love the in progress pictures. OK, here is a tutorial from the Fabulous Ashley over at Film in the Fridge.

I also love this Wonky Log Cabin block tutorial because my motto is Wonky is Beautiful!

So how is that for inspiration? I even included how to do it! Now I have no excuse for NOT making a string quilt, except I don’t know if I have the right kind of scraps, haha. Does that mean I actually have to CREATE scraps for myself? I’ve been working on actually quilting the Avalon quilt. It started out as a real pain because I wanted to do some cool concentric squares but that’s REALLY hard on a regular non-long-arm-machine. The, I figured I would try just doing rows, ALSO hard because of the bulk of the quilt. SO I got fed up with that and decided I’d used my stitch regulator and do whatever the heck I want, good thing this quilt lends itself to different quilting in each block. So some will have straight stitching but I think most will have “other” quilting patterns. I’ll post pictures if I EVER finish quilting the darn thing. OH, and the cool thing about the BSR is that using it is SOOOO much faster than trying to quilt with a walking foot in straight lines.  OK, going to go now. Sorry no pictures, hope the links will make up for that.

Happy Stitches to You,



August 11, 2009. Crafty Tuesday, fabric, quilt designs, Quilting, sewing.

One Comment

  1. Lisa replied:

    I am very envious of your stitch regulator! I would love to have one of those one day:) Thanks for the link!

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