Fractals, Turtles, and Hexagons

Check this out, I found this cool store on Etsy by complete accident one day.  After looking at the pictures and being mesmerized, I started to wonder if anyone had ever tried to recreate a fractal in a quilt, with fibers. So, of course I went and did a Google search and found thispage. Aren’t they amazing? At first I really thought it was all pieced in curves and then I realized that for this technique she is actually printing the design onto cotton fabric and then goes back and embellishes it with thread, beads, and the quilting design. I’ve sort of been obsessed with fractals lately. I think they are sooo pretty and just fun to look at. I guess that’s because when you sit in a little white box (office) all day by yourself, you start to crave color and something interesting to look at (or at least I do).  When I found that book, Material Obsession, I saw a cute wallhanging that looks like a window with some adorable birds. “That’s what I want to make to hang on the wall in my office.” I thought, because at least then I could pretend I had a window.  You know, normally I don’t like applique, but I find that if it’s the right sort of project, I’m willing to give it a try.  Also, since I’ve been working on quilting my Avalon quilt I’ve realized that it’s not that hard to feel artistic even though I never thought I really was very talented in that area. 

In other news, since hubby brought his turtles home from his classroom, I had sort of been helping take care of them over the summer. I never realized that they could be so sweet and smart! By the end of the summer (he took them back last week) the turtles would swim close to the side of the tank when I said hi to them and they would let me pet their heads and eat food from my hand. In fact, I fell so in love with his little red sliders (who really grew over the summer) that yesterday we went to the pet store and came home with two new baby turtles of our own! We have a passthrough space between our kitchen and dining room and the sink is right in front of it. Ususally the view from the sink isn’t very exciting, although during the summer, that’s where we kept the turtle tank. So now, that’s where the new turtle tank is and I will always have some company while I do the dishes. Oh, did I mention that the turtles are just sooo uber cute?  Now that I found some new batteries for my camera, I’ll try to get some pictures of them. We even used some flat rocks from our backyard in the tank! What a great way to recycle! Alright, now, after doing a little research I think I’ve decided on names for my turtles. One is going to be called Oolong and the other is Rooibos (prounounced roy-bos) which are both types of tea. I think it’s because they are green turtles and the lady at the pet store is a friendly lady from China so I sort of assumed that the turtles must be Asian in some way. Uh oh, just realized that Rooibos is actually a South African term for redbush tea, but that’s OK. I think I’ll call him Roy for short. 🙂  Now I guess you’ve learned your new fact for the day, haha.

And finally, hmm, hexagons. Well, as I’ve said, I really don’t like handwork much, such as applique, or embroidery or English paper piecing (EPP). Ha, I guess all that is changing. Turns out that when I come home from work in the evenings, mostly all I want to do is veg out on the couch. I don’t really feel much like trekking upstairs to my glorious (and HOT) sewing room to sew something all by my lonesome. I did move my sewing machine downstairs for a little bit while I quilt Avalon, but that’s also consuming my machine time too.  As it turns out, doing handwork on an embroidery project or applique or English paper piecing is something I can do while I veg in front of the TV so at least I also feel like I’m being productive.  As it turns out, Aneela over at Comfortstitching LOVEs to do EPP (makes sense since she lives in the UK) and her posts on her blog have sort of inspired me to give it a try. I was also inspired when I saw this quilt at Common Threads in Waxahatchie, TX last week. It sold me on the idea to try EPP because I’ve always loved the look of the hexagon flowers but never wanted to make a hand pieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt. This one blends the best of both worlds! So I bought that pattern and decided to try my hand at EPP. I have almost completed one flower in “test” fabrics and I think it’s looking pretty good. I’m getting the hang of it but had to figure out how to keep the stitches from showing up on the front.  Good thing I’m practicing first! So, that was my weekend. Oh yeah, we also had a Crafty Girls Workshop meeting which was super fun! I think I’ll post more about that tomorrow.

I guess I’ll do the obligatory appology for no real pictures in this post. But I hope the links will help to illustrate what I’ve blabbed on about. Thanks for visiting and reading my rambling thoughts.

Until Next Time.

 Happy Stitches,



August 24, 2009. Tags: , , , . Crafty Girls Workshop, Quilting, sewing.

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