Saturday Morning Chores

“Yes, Cinderella, of course you can go to the ball ( all day long) as long as you get all your chores done before hand” Next scene is the evil step sisters piling mounds and mounds of work onto Cinderella. Do you ever have a day that feels like that? I sort of feel like that this morning and I have to say, I’m a little bitter about it. Originally, when I woke up and after I cleaned out the right side of the sink so that I could wash the coffe pot and start some coffee, I didn’t feel so down. It was raining outside and I thought “Oh goody, I can just sew all day long if I want!” As if the rain magically gave me permission to just ignore my “chores” and sew.  I even wrote a poem:

Rain rain, I hope you stay,

I really want to sew today.

If you stay I don’t have to mow,

rain rain, please don’t go.

How’s that for poetic? Well, my happy poem writing time has faded and now I have to do the rest of the dishes. I also feel the need to wash the laundry, fold the dry laundry, declutter the house, clean out the turtle tank, fold more laundry, vaccuum the floor, use the deep cleaning vaccuum to steam clean the carpets, and the list keeps going on from there. When am I going to find time to sew? Oh well, I guess I’ll just squeeze it in here and there. Sorry for the depressing post. This is just how I feel some Saturday mornings as my husband sleeps the day away. He’s a teacher, he’s tired!

Happy stitching to you,


P.S. I’ll post some pictures of my studio very soon for the studio post thingy from Cloth, Paper, Scissors.


October 3, 2009. random stuff.


  1. Marty Mason replied:

    I love that your heart is in the right place – wanting to sew. Hang in there – life is good. Continue with this mantra… is good, life is good, life is good.

    Is it working yet?

  2. thestitchinchicken replied:

    I’m with you! My weekends seem to pile up like that too! Maybe we should declare a vacation day for ourselves? Hang in there, you’re not alone…..

  3. Tammy replied:

    Love that poem! I also love bad-weather days and the excuse to stay in and create!

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