Giveaway Update

I realized that I neglected to mention when I would be doing the drawing for the zippy pouch. I will draw the name tomorrow, September 30. I am sorry I didn’t set the date in the original post. So, there is still time to get the word out and get a few more entries! Thanks to all those who have entered so far, your feedback has been very helpful.

Happy Stitches,



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A Giveaway to Celebrate…Whatever

Well, it’s not my blogaversary, it’s not my 100th or anything hundredth post. Hmm, according to the stats, Akismet (whatever that is) has protected my blog from 3,999 spam. So I suppose that’s worth celebrating. So I’m going to offer something as a bribe incentive to have you answer a few humble questions. Please just answer the following questions in the comments below and I’ll enter you in a drawing for a giveway. I know, you probably want to know exactly what it IS I’m going to give away. Well, here it is…


So, what do you think? It’s a zippy pouch, made with 1-1/2″ honey bun strips (see my post over on the CGW blog about other things you can make with a honey bun). Now that I’ve learned to insert a zipper, an invisible zipper, I actually want to do it again! Now, the zippy pouch will probably only be with similar fabrics to this because this one is being used and you probably want a brand new one, right? But I lined it in a totally cool lime green linen so I’ll do that with the new one as well. So is that good enough? Now you’d like to know the questions. OK, but, before I get to them, you might know your way around giveaways and want to know if there are MORE ways you can enter. So here’s the deal, I’ll give you the questions, then I’ll tell you a few more ways you can get another entry. Then I’ll publish this and see if anyone out there actually reads this enough to want to give me some feedback. Thanks sew much!!


1) Do you shop online for gifts or gift making supplies?

2) If you do shop online, how would you prefer to see items listed,

a) by category, i.e., fabric, patterns, home sewn items

b) by price range, i.e., Gifts Under $5, $5.01-$10, etc.

c) some other way I can’t think of

See that was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Here are some additional ways you can get an entry into the drawing. PLEASE be sure to add your e-mail address in your comment so I can contact you if you win. PLEASE leave a separate comment for each additional entry.

  1.  Post about this giveaway on YOUR blog
  2.  Twitter (Tweet?) about my giveaway
  3. Post about this on Facebook
  4. Visit my shop and tell me your favorite item(s)
  5. Add this blog to your blogroll
  6. Add this blog to your blog reader thingy RSS feed
  7.  I hate to do this, but I’m dying to see if it will actually work. Purchase something from my shop or website and I’ll give you 5 additional entries.
  8. Visit the Crafty Girls Workshop blog and become a follower

So how is that? If you answer both questions and do all those things, you’ll get at least 10 entries in the giveaway! Wow! How’s that for awesome!? OK, I have to go take care of my furry children now. 

Happy Stitches, Blogging, and Shopping,


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Enter a New Giveaway!

I just found a giveaway on a very cute blog called Red Gingham written by a sweet girl from New Zealand named Sarah. She is about as crazy about quilting as I am so I was so excited to find out she was giving away some really neat items that represent her country. How awesome is that!? So here is the link. She gives you lots of ways to enter and there is still time.

You can also go over to Crafty Girls Workshop and get my craftygirls e-mail and drop me a message with your name and address and I’ll send you a pincushion! Yes, a cute one with a ribbon tab that is great for pinning it to your design wall! Two giveaways for the price of one, yippee!

Happy Stitches,


P.S. I know, I’m going to sew something on that LONG list of Christmas gifts, starting this afternoon.

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Handmade Christmas 2009 page updated

I’ve added some links to projects I’m going to make for people for Christmas this year (hopefully), so if you need some ideas you might stop by that page. Boy do I need to get going! At least now I sort of have a plan of precisely what I want to make for everyone, including the guys! Don’t forget, if you have some projects you can post them on there too. Just add your blog link to the comments section. I’d add a Mr. Linky but I’ve heard it doesn’t work here on WordPress, bummer. Oh well.

Happy Holiday Stitching!


P.S. I’m not sure if it shows up on the sidebar, but I just posted something new on The Crafty Girls Workshop blog as well. Stop by and check it out! And there is still time to enter the drawing for the pin cushions!

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A Giveaway and Other Cool Stuff

Hurray! Crafty Girls Workshop hit their 30th sale! To celebrate we are having a giveaway on the Crafty Girls Workshop blog. It’s easy to enter (I list 5 different ways to get your name in the drawing) and I am going to choose 3 winners! One for every 10 sales!  Also, if the blog post reaches 100 comments I’ll draw another name for another little something special.  Do you want to know what the first three prizes are? Well, I made some easy pincushions and even added a little ribbon loop so that you can hang or pin them to your design wall. I found out from the quilt retreat I attended back in July that  life is so much easier when the pincushion is actually attached to the design wall. No fussing with trying to hold the pin and the quilt at the same time. So I made three pincushions and now I’m going to give them away! You’ll have to visit the CGW blog to see a picture, sorry, I don’t have the picture with me at the moment. So please hop on over there and enter the drawing. You have until next Wednesday 09-09-09 to enter.

Other Cool Stuff

I am totally in love with the patterns in this book. (Available here.)


It uses so many different pre-cut fabrics and has so many fun projects that I can’t wait to get started on some of them. This one book has 17 different projects which comes out to just about a dollar a project! That is such a great buy since I’ve bought entire quilt patterns to make just one quilt that cost me $9.00.  The projects range from table runners, place mats, coasters to tote bags and baby quilts. There are projects you can make for yourself or your children or make to give away as gifts. See that tote bag on the front made from strips? It’s made from jelly roll (2 1/2″) strips but wouldn’t it be a cute way to give a fellow sewista/quilting friend a jelly roll and a pattern too?  We have one set of jelly rolls listed at the moment that I think would make an absolutely adorable kid’s quilt and we’re all set to get some more pre-cuts very soon.  Or make up one of those totes and fill it with yummy candies or even some embellished dishcloths for a friend’s new home!  At our Crafty Girls meeting last weekend, we had so much fun learning to embroider flour sack towels. Then, you would never believe what Moda decided to feature as their next Bake Shop project! Embellished flour sack towels!! At the moment we’ve listed a kit to make 12 towels with pretty Christmas embroidery designs(including the DMC floss) but we had a few flour sack towels left over and would be happy to sell them to anyone who is interested. (Just drop me an e-mail or comment.) We hope to be able to list these as a pretty regular item on our site very soon.  Well, making three pincushions and working on more hexagons was the sum of my crafty weekend. I just wanted to take a break from my non-stop, never slow down life. It was a nice relaxing break too. Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,


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Giveaway on Terry’s Blog

Hey Everyone,

 I wanted to share about this great new blog I found. It’s called Terry’s Treasures and she’s giving away a lot of awesome goodies to celebrate that she’s been blogging for a year! So go check it out!

Happy Stitches,


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Last Chance Items on Crafty Girls Workshop

The Crafty Girls Workshop has officially been open long enough for some of our listings to expire! That’s both exciting and sad at the same time. Since we decided to shift our focus almost a month ago to primarily selling fabric and patterns, we’ve decided against relisting the home sewn items that we listed back in March as their listing time expires. But, at the same time, we really would like to sell them and send them off to a new home (because as much as we love pillowcases, we really don’t need that many!) So, this is a good thing for you, the potential purchaser of these items. We’ve discounted them as much as we possibly can which results in some GREAT deals for you! Just think, you could easily purchase several pillowcase kits at a time and just whip them up and have some easy to give and fast to make gifts for Christmas for all those little kids in your life. These make great stocking stuffers too. We have some kits and some that are home sewn and already finished! That’s even better, just take them out of the envelope and wrap them up, then you have a one size fits all gift for birthdays or holidays. And don’t forget to take a look at the cute tote bags we have featured. One last thing, if you purchase a FEATURED item, you will get an additional free goody in your package. It’s a surprise from us to you as a way of saying thank you for your purchase. So go and check out the shop. Oh and while you’re there, check out the adorable Snippets fabric we listed this weekend. There is even a great project on Moda Bake Shop for making cute bags out of that exact fabric! Well until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,


P.S. Did you know I’m hosting a give away of 1/2 yard of adorable Christmas fabric over on the CGW blog? Stop by and leave a comment for me! You have until Friday to enter.

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I Fell Off the Wagon

Well, I fell off the wagon for the No Buy Challenge, but I am proud of myself for the two and a half weeks I made it without buying anything. I think I was able to resist a little because I’ve really been too busy to buy anything. Also, I’ve gotten my fabric fix from being able to go to my mother in law’s house and help her sort, cut and scan fabrics to add to our shop listings. Yes, this is a selfish plug for our shop. We’ve listed over 100 items in the last two weeks for our Destash Sale so please visit and I hope you’ll find some new “friends.” The reason I fell off the wagon is this, I needed to get some fabric for a Christmas present for my sister and brother in law and I found a great deal on the exact fabric I wanted so now I’ll be able to make them something additional to the original item I was going to make. How’s that for vague? Plus, the fabric arrived YESTERDAY, so I think I might even have time to get it ready to take on the quilt retreat with me this weekend, yippee! I have three quilts cut and ready to piece this weekend, so what’s one more? These are all speedy piecing projects and I hope they really will be as speedy as the patterns claim. I am so excited about being able to come back on Monday and post lots of pictures of the tops I’ve finished. Oh, and I also got a great deal on a couple of Swanky Honey Buns yesterday that I really couldn’t pass up, I mean they were more than 50% off! I think that’s the only fabric that technically counts “against” me on the no buy challenge since it wasn’t for a gift for someone else, per se. Although, it might turn into a gift eventually. Well, that’s it for now. I guess I should actually do some work since I’m at work at the moment (shh, don’t tell.)  Oh, but one last thing, I’m having another giveaway on the Crafty Girls Workshop blog. I’m giving away 1/2 yard of CUTE Christmas fabric by Sandy Gervais! Please stop by and enter the giveaway. It’s easy, just comment and tell me your favorite fabric or designer or company (on that blog, not this one.) You can read the other ways to enter the drawing on that post, so check it out! Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You,


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No Buy Update

OK, it’s getting a little easier. My hubby is the only one who says that buying that flannel “counts,” everyone else I asked (and believe me, he’s way outnumbered) says that a) if it’s on sale it doesn’t count b) if it’s for a specific project it doesn’t count c) if it’s not at a “real” quilt shop it doesn’t count.  So I think that means that it doesn’t count! I haven’t made those blankets yet, but I DID get the jelly roll sliced and diced and it’s ready to go for the quilt retreat, yeah!! Oh, and as much as I LOVE the Figgy Pudding fabric and I am sort of afraid it won’t be around when my buying sabatical is over, I dropped a hint to my dear MIL about how nice it would be if “someone” would buy a layer cake and charm pack of that fabric (for the pattern on Moda Bakeshop) and just keep it for me for a birthday present in October. She jumped on that opportunity, and then immediately told me to forget we ever had that conversation, a.k.a. act surprised when I get exactly that for my birthday! Also, the jelly roll that I won from the SEWN Launch promotion arrived on Friday so I was able to receive fabric without even buying it! That’s always fun.  And a new blogger buddy of mine in the UK, Aneela, and I are swapping scraps so that will be fun to get some mystery fabric in the mail sometime soon. I guess there are ways to feed my fabric addiction without actually buying any, hehe. You know, considering that I am paying bills today (YUCK!) and realizing how much of our money goes out right at the beginning of the month for bills (MOST of it) I am even more motivated to abstain from indulging my fabric addiction.  I think the good karma is paying off because I just found out that I WON a Frenchy bag from Heather’s blog giveaway! YIPPEEE!! Me, who never wins ANYTHING! I guess I can’t say that anymore!  Well, I guess that’s the weekend update. Oh, one more thing, I decided, right in the middle of making a charm pack tote bag, that I needed to grab my staple gun, some random demim-ish fabric and the Thinsulate batting (good for oven mitts and ironing board covers) and just go crazy. What was the result? Uhm, a semi useful place to press fabric right on my sewing table! Yes, I STAPLED the fabric to my sewing table (one of those “farm” tables with a pine top and white legs) to make a pressing space. Hmm, maybe I’ll take a picture sometime this afternoon. I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with the idea because it’s such a pain to have to step around my ironing board to get to my cutting table, you know? Now the only problem is that it’s sort of difficult to actually reach over to the pressing space, but at least it’s easier to get to my cutting table. Well, more tomorrow I hope.

Happy Stitches to You,


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Sale on Pillowcase Kits + Giveaway!

Crafty Girls Workshop is having a sale on our pillowcase kits.  They were previously $15 and now are selling for only $10! If you want to purchase one, but don’t really want to take the time to put it together, I will be happy to finish it for you for only $5 more. Just send me a message when you are ordering.  Take advantage of this amazing sale while you can, and before we have to raise the cost of shipping due to the increase that starts May first! These pillowcase kits, when completed would be the perfect gift for a child or friend in your life.  Thanks and happy stitching and shopping!

Happy Stitches to You,


P.S. I just found out that Heather at  A La Mode is having an AWESOME give away on her blog, so surf on over there and check it out. She’s also destashing some of her fabrics on her Etsy store.  Good luck!

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