A Giveaway to Celebrate…Whatever

Well, it’s not my blogaversary, it’s not my 100th or anything hundredth post. Hmm, according to the stats, Akismet (whatever that is) has protected my blog from 3,999 spam. So I suppose that’s worth celebrating. So I’m going to offer something as a bribe incentive to have you answer a few humble questions. Please just answer the following questions in the comments below and I’ll enter you in a drawing for a giveway. I know, you probably want to know exactly what it IS I’m going to give away. Well, here it is…


So, what do you think? It’s a zippy pouch, made with 1-1/2″ honey bun strips (see my post over on the CGW blog about other things you can make with a honey bun). Now that I’ve learned to insert a zipper, an invisible zipper, I actually want to do it again! Now, the zippy pouch will probably only be with similar fabrics to this because this one is being used and you probably want a brand new one, right? But I lined it in a totally cool lime green linen so I’ll do that with the new one as well. So is that good enough? Now you’d like to know the questions. OK, but, before I get to them, you might know your way around giveaways and want to know if there are MORE ways you can enter. So here’s the deal, I’ll give you the questions, then I’ll tell you a few more ways you can get another entry. Then I’ll publish this and see if anyone out there actually reads this enough to want to give me some feedback. Thanks sew much!!


1) Do you shop online for gifts or gift making supplies?

2) If you do shop online, how would you prefer to see items listed,

a) by category, i.e., fabric, patterns, home sewn items

b) by price range, i.e., Gifts Under $5, $5.01-$10, etc.

c) some other way I can’t think of

See that was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Here are some additional ways you can get an entry into the drawing. PLEASE be sure to add your e-mail address in your comment so I can contact you if you win. PLEASE leave a separate comment for each additional entry.

  1.  Post about this giveaway on YOUR blog
  2.  Twitter (Tweet?) about my giveaway
  3. Post about this on Facebook
  4. Visit my shop and tell me your favorite item(s)
  5. Add this blog to your blogroll
  6. Add this blog to your blog reader thingy RSS feed
  7.  I hate to do this, but I’m dying to see if it will actually work. Purchase something from my shop or website and I’ll give you 5 additional entries.
  8. Visit the Crafty Girls Workshop blog and become a follower

So how is that? If you answer both questions and do all those things, you’ll get at least 10 entries in the giveaway! Wow! How’s that for awesome!? OK, I have to go take care of my furry children now. 

Happy Stitches, Blogging, and Shopping,



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Personal Challenge: A month without buying fabric!

I am going to try this. Can I go an entire month without buying fabric? That’s like going a day without eating chocolate! (That will be my next challenge)  I hope I’ll be able to post every day for a month about my progress (or lack thereof) in this challenge. It will be interesting to see what projects I am able to complete (or at least get to top status) in this duration. I can’t take credit for this idea. I am on a Yahoo e-mail group called Stashbusters, they have 4000 members! I have been on that list for several months now, usually just reading the posts and lurking, occasionally chiming in with my humble opinon or suggestions. One of their ongoing challenges is a No Buy challenge, which I have never had the nerve to join. Their challenege is pretty strict, if you buy any fabric, you have to send a charm or fat quarter to the No Buy coordinator to put in a collection for the person who goes an entire year without buying fabric! Wow!  I think I’ll be lucky if I can make it a week. How’s that for confidence? But I discovered that buying fabric has really become an addiction with me, there is something about the thrill of finding something I completely love and being able to snatch it up. I think my “stash” of fabric is sort of unique because I probably have more actual kits or future projects than I do just fabric in my stash. I guess this is because of when I started with my quilting craze. I only started this about five years ago (I have a lot of catching up to do!) and that was after the idea of putting together kits was becoming popular. Actually one of the first fabric stores I was introduced to, Creations in Kerrville, TX, is a master at pairing their beautiful samples right next to the fabrics and precut kits for that exact sample. So, basically I can walk around their store and if I see a sample I LOVE, just look below where it is hanging on the wall and whatdoyaknow, there is the kit, all tied up in a beautiful ribbon and ready for me to put in my little basket. (The backings are sold separately, of course) Of the seven fabric stores in San Antonio, very few of them, if any, are able to accomplish this attractive marketing technique. So, since I have always fallen in love with and purchased the kits, I should be able to go a little while without really needing to buy any fabric (yeah right.)  The rule on the Stashbusters list is that if you complete a quilt from your stash, but you need to buy extra yardage for sashing, backing or binding, you are allowed. Those are the parts of quilts that are usually held off until the project is complete because the sizes never come out quite what you thought they would. That is the rule I’m going to use in my challenge too. Now, here’s the tricky part, I can’t buy anything, but that doesn’t mean I can’t window shop a little! Oh, that’s difficult! I’ve managed to reduce the number of e-newsletters that I get from fabric shops but I still get the one from the Fat Quarter Shop and from Hancock’s of Paducah. Talk about eye candy!  Oh, and because I have an account on Etsy, it is very difficult to resist buying fabric on there. The sellers on Etsy have the sorts of fabric that I really love and haven’t really been able to find in the shops in my city (for reasonable prices too!) So, since a blog is sort of like a journal, I think I’ll try to post daily about my progress.

Day 1, June 22:  Yippee! I made it a day without buying anything! The urge was there, that’s for sure, because with this down economy, the fabric stores are hurting and they are having some great sales. They’ve also really stepped up their e-mail marketing. I don’t blame them, it’s not like it costs them more to send an extra e-mail or two.  So instead of visiting a fabric store after work (the one I really like is closed on Mondays anyway) when I got home I decided to revisit my stash a little. I’m trying to get some quilts cut out so that I can just sit and sew at the quilt retreat in July. I’ve already got two cut, but I decided to start on one that uses a jelly roll. In fact, it was a jelly roll that I didn’t even realize I had! It’s the Portobello Market fabric, which is just BEAUTIFUL, it turns out. I am sure I snapped up that jelly roll way back and then forgot about it until I went through my jelly roll basket last night (yes, I have a basket with probably six jelly rolls.) I also saw that I have this great pattern for a quilt made with one jelly roll and two borders (haven’t bought those yet.) Last night, I unwrapped the jelly roll and laid it out on my kitchen island. I had forgotten how awesome those fabrics are! The pattern said I only needed 35 of the 40 strips and at first I wondered how I was ever going to choose 5 fabrics to take out of the group. Well, I managed and last night I pressed the creases out and tonight I hope to get them cut and ready to piece at the retreat! You know, I have a lot of jelly rolls and patterns, but I’ve never actually really made anything with a jelly roll! They’ve just been sitting in my sewing room, patiently waiting for me to find the right pattern, I suppose.  Well, now is the time and with my new challenge I hope I can actually get some of these projects finished. I even managed to get a UFO finished over the weekend (see yesterday’s post.)  Well, until tomorrow.

Happy Stitches to You (and stashbusting),


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What’s Old is New Again

There is a fabric shop in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas that not many people know about. They always seem to be in such a strange location. The first time I found them, their store was tucked away in an industrial park, no sign on the main road to tell you they were there. I really only found them by accident because they were going to have a booth at the local guild’s quilt show and I was super excited to find out there was ANOTHER fabric store in town.  What is this store’s name? Plain Jane’s Folk Art and Fabrics. They actually have a lot of their items listed in their eBay store, and that is where I think they do most of their business. But, I digress. So, they recently moved to a more visible location, on Fredericksburg road (for those of you who might be local) and Gus Eckert.  It’s a sort of non descript brown building which you’d probably miss if you weren’t looking for it. But I visited them yesterday and it seems like they have more space now. They actually have a little area in the back either for a VERY small class or for their work space. And, of course, I couldn’t HELP but buy some of their fabric. I think what I like the most about them is that they sort of tend to buy the fabrics that I like but most of the other shops in town (there are 6 others!) don’t order. And what did I get? Well, I got a new honey bun of the new fabric from Blackbird Designs called Beach House. Originally, I didn’t really fall in love with the fabric, but when I saw that they had it in a honey bun, I couldn’t resist! I also got a very cute pattern that uses a layer cake, which is great because I have a couple of those.  They had the quilt on display in the store and when I talked to the owner about it, she said it was SUPER fast and easy, which is PERFECT for me! Unfortunately, they don’t have the pattern listed on their online store, or else I would totally link to it. And, lastly, I found a FQ pack of 8 FQs in the Cotton Blossom line that they had in their sale stuff for only $10! What a deal! I totally LOVE Cotton Blossom, in fact, I think I bought a Cotton Blossom FQ pack from them the last time I was there too! I also noticed that now my FQs are sort of overflowing from the area where I store them, so I might have to actually MAKE something with them sometime soon.  Today they are having a 50% off Charm packs sale! Wow! I am totally going there today too.  OK, that’s my fabricaholic confession for the month and it’s only April 1st! Now, back to dreaming about what to do with that new honey bun!

Happy Stitches to You,


Confessions of a Fabricaholic

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Chaos to Creativity

I just found an awesome website for sharing PowerPoint presentations. Think YouTube for PowerPoint, it’s called SlideShare. So, here is a slideshow I created and have uploaded to slideshare, we’ll see if it will work here.



Oh, I just find this to be so incredibly cool!  Now we can have death by PowerPoint on my blog too! If you’ve ever used PowerPoint for anything and wanted to share it online, you have to visit SlideShare. I hope you enjoy my presntation. I tried to add some hints that I found helpful while I was reorganizing my space. Enjoy!

Happy Stitches to You,


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Made a New Friend Today

Today I went to meet a fellow blogger, Lauri, of Artsmith.  I was so ecstatic about meeting another young woman in San Antonio who a) likes to sew, b) isn’t 80 years old and c) loves Starbucks as much as I do.  Well, we met at Starbucks at 10:30 am and didn’t leave until 5:30pm! Wow! Lauri is like a long lost sister! And she is so funny and fun to talk to. I look forward to introducing her to all the different fabric shops in San Antonio since she is relatively new to the area.  She even brought me a present!


Isn’t it just the cutest thing? It’s a fabric ball! I am so intimidated by curved seams that I was just thrilled to recieve a little present like this. I do believe that she will be making more of these soon, especially if she gets encouragement in the form of comments on her blog. She does have an Etsy shop where she will be listing more of her products really soon. I did have to make sure that my puppy, Clara, did not get ahold of this cute toy because she would very quickly make sure all it’s insides are on the outside, as she did with one of her plush toys she got for Christmas.  But now, when my friends who have kids visit, I will have something for them to play with!  Lauri, thanks for a fun day of conversation and laughs. I look forward to many more and plenty of Fabric Acquisition Road Trips (FARTS)! Oh, yeah and Starbucks trips! I think I truly found a kindred spirit today!  So, this is my encouragement to everyone to find a friend and keep in touch with them and keep that sewing spirit alive! Until next time.

Happy Stitches to You!



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Fabric Aquisition Road Trip, Food and a Stocking

Today I will attempt to just show pictures and put a small caption beneath. Enjoy the view.

shopping lootThe loot I got from my FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip) I did earn the $50 gift card because over the last three and a half years I have spent roughly $500! I’ll post more details about what I am going to make later.

baby blankets These are the fleece baby blankets I made for my best friends’ two little boys, Brian and Benjamin.


fleece blanketThis is the fleece blanket I made for my brother for Christmas. While I was cutting the fringe I felt like listening to Irish folk music.



stocking frontI wanted to make a stocking for my new puppy Clara, but decided to make a practice stocking out of fabric from a sample book I got for $2. The fabric on the cuff is a pink velvetty stuff that I got to go on the cuff of the actual stocking I make for Clara. This one is just a practice and I will probably give it to my mother in law because I like how it turned out. I made this today!


pumpkin breadI baked some yummy pumpkin spice bread today.  I made two loaves because one doesn’t last very long in this house. The whole house smelled REALLY good! By the way, I used a mix. We got the mix at Costco, four packages in one box, enough for four loaves. I am going to use the last package to make pumpkin spice muffins. Yummy! 


pizzzasmallSince my sister is always posting pictures of what she has made to eat. I decided to take pictures of what I made as well. This is one of my favorite dishes to make, homemade pizza! Very easy and FAST! This one is the traditional pepperoni and mushrooms with red sauce, I didn’t have any of our usual Italian blend cheese so I grated up a block of Asiago cheese instead. Yum!

That’s all the pictures for now. I hope that by the end of the day I will have worked more on my PIF projects, my sampler quilt blocks and maybe even the present I am making for my dad. Hope you enjoyed the picture show! Until next time.

Happy Sewing, Baking, and Clicking,



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Can’t Believe I Forgot to Mention…

I can’t believe it! I am planning a trip to my FAVORITE fabric store tomorrow and I forgot to even say anything! I twisted my mother in law’s arm and she has agreed to accompany me to Kerrville to visit Creations our ALL TIME FAVORITE fabric store!  As it turns out, their e mail marketing has worked it’s magic once again, and they are calling me to come for a visit. (Perhaps the fabric is calling me?) They are having a sale on 3 yard or less rolls of fabric that they call Shorties, only $14.95 for one roll! That’s saving more than $8 per roll!  I LOVE this kind of sale and have SOOOO much trouble resisting the chance to cash in! The funny thing is that they have this awesome incentive program over there, if you spend a certain amount of money, something like $250 on fabric (it might be more than that, it might be $500) that is NOT sale fabric and BEFORE tax, you get a $50 gift card. This doesn’t have to be all at one time, they keep your total in the computer and when you qualify they give you the card. Well, I have been shopping there for four years, AT LEAST and because most of what I buy is either on sale or with my birthday discount (20%), I almost never make a qualifying purchase. I am VERY close right now but whatever I buy tomorrow will most likely NOT qualify. That’s OK because I just enjoy shopping there and getting a good deal on THREE YARDS of fabric! Bye for now!

 Happy Shopping,


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A Charming Charm Swap

This is my second post of the day but that’s because I have more to say (hey that rhymes!)  I have been sort of obsessed with the idea of swapping stuff lately. I think that this time of year puts me in a swapping mood. I also noticed that someone on another blog mentioned that it’s a good way to get more fabric with very little money. SO, I would like to offer to host a charm swap. We will swap 5″ squares of fabric that are Holiday themed. Below are the guidelines (which can change but hopefully won’t):


2) “Holiday” means ANY holiday related fabrics. Originally this was novelty fabrics but I have opened it up to include anything related but not necessarily novelty.

3) All fabrics must be 100% cotton and pre washed. If you are unable to pre wash it, please make a note of that so that I may inform everyone else.

4) Charms are 5″ square pieces of fabric


1) If you want to participate, just send me a quick e mail with CHARM swap as the title. My e mail addy is lunachick654@yahoo.com

2) Participants will send two sets of 12 charms (one fat quarter of fabric can produce 12 charms).  One set of charms is made up of the same fabrics.  These two sets of fabrics are to be different. (This will produce more variety and allow us to have enough to make a completed project, hopefully.)

3) Send the charms to me along with a self addressed envelope and return postage. I will swap your charms with everyone else’s and you should receive 24 new charms back!

4) Deadline to receive the charms is November 30, I will swap them and send them back to you by December 7. 

5) Enjoy your new fabric charms!

 So, those are the guidlines and description of how the swap works.  If you want to participate, please e mail me (lunachick654@yahoo.com).  I hope to get overwhelmed with replies! It should easy and FUN! Just grab two holiday fat quarters you had lying around in your stash, chop them up into 5″ squares and send them out. Yeah! I love to get stuff in the mail.  Until next time…

Happy Swapping,

Anna L.

P.S. I cut out the fabric for my Frenchy Bag last night. Took me a good two hours! I forgot that using a real pattern means cutting it out of the fabric. I guess quilting has spoiled me with all the easy to cut squares. So, tonight I hope to start the assembly process. Hope to post pictures as well.

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