UFO and WIP Challenge 2008

For this year I am challenging myself, and you if you want to play along, to finish some of my UnFinished Objects (UFOs) and Works In Progress (WIPs).  I will attempt to update this blog with my progress as I go along. Since I am a fairly new quilter, I do not have an outrageous stash, yet. My goal is to keep that stash manageable and finish those projects that have been piling up so that in October/November I can go to the Houston Quilt Festival and STOCK UP! Well, let me put it this way. I know that I will go a little fabric crazy on the Shop Hop in April, but I plan to be very good from that point all the way until the Houston Quilt Show so that the show can be my REWARD for being so good! It makes sense, right?  My mother in law, who does not blog, has stated this over and over. We have to be GOOD from now until April and then from April until November because we REALLY want to go to the Houston Quilt Festival and enjoy ourselves and BUY TONS OF FABRIC! Well, maybe at least. But I also want to complete some of my projects so that I can reduce some of my guilt for buying fabric at the moment. It’s sort of like an addiction, I buy it without even realizing what I am doing! But the best part is, I got gift certificates to fabric stores for Christmas! So I can spend OTHER people’s money on MYSELF the next time I go to the fabric store! Although I almost always purchase fabric to make gifts for other people.  OK, so this is my challenge. Feel free to join. Just leave me a comment if you want to join.

 Happy Sewing and hope to see you in Houston!


Update on 01/04/08

Visit this link to see what quilting legend Eleanor Burns has to say about UFOs. It really puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it?


One Comment

  1. Jean-o replied:

    Isn’t it nice to know that we aren’t the “Only” ones! Although that doesn’t get them done for us! Speaking of which! Think I will go upstairs and see what I can get done!

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