WIP Challenge 2009

Looking back on my post for my UFO and WIP Challenge for 2008, I would say I didn’t exactly do what I had planned. I think my problem was that I didn’t actually take stock of what I had when I made that goal for myself. I just said “I’ll finish it eventually.” This year will be different. I have actually created a spreadsheet listing the majority of my Works in Progress and other future projects.  As it turns out, there are only 12 items that I have in some stage of completion whether that be that I’ve cut it out, or pieced part of the top or it might even be a tote bag that I’ve cut but just need to finish assembling.  This page is going to be where I keep track of those projects. Also, taking an idea from Randi’s blog. I hope to be able to post pictures of the finished project on this page upon completion. *NOTE: In my busy life, I am happy to get a quilt TOP finished, let alone quilted, so for the purposes of this year’s challenge, when I say a quilt is finished, I will most likely mean the TOP is complete.*  So, without further ado, here are the first 5 from the list:

  1. Bailey’s quilt (my friend Sue’s grandaughter) DONE 02/07/09 Yippeee!!!!
  2. Dawn’s baby quilt (my cousin’s new baby) DONE 05/30/09
  3. Chelsea Boutique quilt DONE 06/06/09
  4. Autumn tote bag for Mom
  5. Desk Deli tote bags for various friends

As always, pictures coming soon.

We’ll see if this makes me feel more accountable to actually finish something this year. I am sure it is a satisfying feeling to come back, post pictures and strike through the words on the list! Oh and by the way, if you would like to join in the fun, I’ve started a WIP group on the Quilting Friends social network. That is a place you can post pictures and get encouragement from fellow quilters to get those projects done!

Happy Quilting,



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